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Field Epidemiology Manual

The Field Epidemiology Manual was originally developed in 2007 by the ECDC and the City eHealth Research Centre (CeRC - City University, London) [1], [2] to support the European Programme for Intervention Epidemiology Training (EPIET). Trainers, supervisors, scientific coordinators, and facilitators created draft chapters using the lectures they delivered during the EPIET introductory course. The philosophy of sharing and building knowledge (in particular training materials) led to creation of a collaborative information space for the epidemiological training community - The FEM Wiki.

Eventually, the ECDC decommissioned the FEM Wiki in 2022 and archived the last version as a PDF. Since FEM Wiki content was developed under Creative Commons, the Dutch Public Health Learning Support Company Transmissible decided to reinstall the Field Epidemiology manual as it was intended: a professional collaborative platform.

The FEMWiki aims to create a library of training materials for field epidemiologists.

FEM Wiki is an open information-sharing platform for all professionals and the lay public interested in public health. It is hosted and funded by ECDC. Platform users provide the content of FEM Wiki and do not necessarily represent the official opinion of Transmissible BV. By contributing content to FEMWIKI, users agree to the conditions described under Creative Commons and FEM Wiki users’ code of conduct.

Though this platform does not allow as many community activities besides maintaining the Field Epidemiology Manual, we have created an open marketplace where users can discuss and exchange views: click on the 'Discussion' tab above. The FEMWIKI is organised into five main volumes. Below is a portal with links to each volume's main articles.

Methods Portal

Public Health Portal

Infection Control


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